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The First World War Dead from Islay

Port Ellen War Memorial
Today is the 100th anniversary of the entry of Britain into what was to become known as the First World War - or as they called it immediately afterwards, the Great War (not imagining then that another terrible conflict could happen again so quickly). Here's a list of 203 First World War casualties believed to have been born in Islay, or living in Islay prior to enlisting.  This does not include those from elsewhere who died in the seas around Islay during the war, which I will come back too in a later post.

Yesterday I published a list of the names mentioned on Islay war memorials. I have now cross-referenced this with information on Islay casualties from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, which 'provides information about men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars and the places where they are buried or commemorated'. This includes a lot more detail than the Islay war memorials, including date of death, age, details of relatives and burial place. I have not found CWGC records for all those listed on the Islay war memorials, and conversely I have found Ileachs at CWGC who do not seem to be mentioned on the Islay memorials.

Where I have combined information from the two sources into one entry on list, I have only done so where all details match. There may be a few people listed twice on the list below therefore, but we shouldn't assume the same name means its one person - a lot of people did have the same name as somebody else on Islay.

In the table below I have included name, what Islay memorial they are listed on (if any), where on Islay they were from (as stated on memorial or on CWGC), regiment, date of death, age, and names of relatives (usually parents but sometimes wife).

I couldn't fit all the information I have on this page. If you want to see the full spreadsheet click here. The expanded spreadsheet also includes rank, battalion as well as regiment, service number, and place of burial or remembrance (which indicates where they died).

Please do let me know if you notice any errors or ommissions, or you have any further information. Either leave a comment or email me at neilgordonorr at (replace 'at' with @).

Name Islay Memorial Where on Islay  were they from? Regiment Date of death Age Relatives (from CWGC)
David Anderson Port Ellen Port Ellen Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (A&SH) 28/04/1916 36 Son of James & Minnie McKay Anderson
James Anderson Bowmore Carnain A&SH 12/04/1918 22 Son of Catherine Anderson
John Anderson Bowmore Carnain A&SH 13/11/1916 22 Son of Angus and Catherine Anderson
James Baker Bruichladdich Kilchiaran Cameron Highlanders 17/05/1915 21 Son of John Baker & late Mary Baker, Daell, Bridgend
Samuel Baker Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
Andrew Barr Bowmore Gartbreck Royal Garrison Artillery 14/12/1918 29 Son of Robert Barr & Jane Leggat, Barr
D. Bell Port Ellen Canadian Highlanders
Duncan Bell Bowmore Bowmore Canadian Highlanders Same as above?
R. Black Port Ellen A&SH
Donald Brown Ballygrant A&SH 21/06/1915 21 Son of Donald & Agnes Brown
James Brown Gart Loise Royal Naval Reserve 08/12/1918 62 Son of Archibald & Catherine McCall Brown, husband of Sarah Brown
Peter Brown Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 21/04/1915 24 Son of Mrs Jessie MacKay, 122 Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen
John Buie Caolila A&SH 09/04/1917 22 Son of Angus Buie, Caolila
J. Burns Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
Archibald Cameron Bruichladdich Gruineart
Archie Cameron Port Wemyss
John Cameron Bowmore Newhouses Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 28/09/1918 19 Nephew of J. McArthur, Dock House, Bridgend
N. Cameron Port Ellen Scots Guards
Neil Cameron Bridgend Royal Scots Fusiliers 23/04/1917 38 Son of Angus & Catherine Cameron, Newton Cottages, Bridgend
Neil M. Cameron Bowmore Newton Royal Scots Fusiliers
Alexander Campbell Bruichladdich Tayvullin
Arch. J. Campbell Bowmore Bowmore Seaforth Highlanders
D. Campbell Port Ellen Royal Marines
J. Campbell Port Ellen A&SH
John Campbell Keills Royal Naval Reserve 04/04/1919 28 Son of Mrs M Campbell, Keills, Port Askaig
John Campbell Glenegedale Highland Light Infantry 15/07/1917 24 Son of Mrs Margaret Fraser of Glenegidale Lotts, Port Ellen
Malcolm Campbell Port Askaig Royal Engineers 27/05/1918 25 Son of late Robert & Mary Campbell, Port Askaih, husband of Elizabeth Campbell, 152 Cragside Place, Blyth, Northumberland
William Campbell Bowmore Newhouses A&SH 10/04/1917 21 Son of Malcolm & Annie Campbell, Newhouses, Bridgend
William Campbell Bowmore Balitarsin Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 04/07/1917 23 Son of William & Annie Campbell
John Cullen Bowmore Bridgend A&SH 15/09/1916 21 Son of Robert Cullen, Bridgend
A Currie Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders
Alexander Currie Port Wemyss Portnahaven Royal Naval Reserve 05/03/1917 35 Husband of Mary Ferguson Currie, 4 Church St, Portnahaven
Robert D. Currie Bowmore Bowmore Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
David Dick Bruichladdich Foreland
George Craig Dickie Bruichladdich Greineal
J. Donald Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders
James Duncan Royal Garrison Artillery 23/09/1918 37 Son of Alexander & Anne Jamieson Duncan, born Islay
James Dunlop Bowmore Raw A&SH
A Ferguson East African Military Labour Corps 22/09/1918 41 Son of John Ferguson, born Islay
Alexander Ferguson Bruichladdich Machrie Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 14/10/1915 23 Son of Mrs M Ferguson, Machrie
Donald Ferguson Port Wemyss
John Ferguson Port Ellen Cornabus A&SH 16/05/1917 27 Son of Mrs Janet Ferguson, Cornabus
J Finnie Mulrush (Mulreesh) Machine Gun Corps 25/04/1917 32 Son of William & Ann Finnie, Mulrush, Ballygrant
A. Bruce Forbes Bowmore Eallabus A&SH 29/10/1918 30 Son of James Forbes M.V.O. & Barbara Donald Forbes (nee Jackson)
N. Fraser Port Ellen Lagavulin A&SH 19/09/1918 Son of E. MacDougall (formerly Fraser, Lagavulin)
Donald Gilchrist Mercantile Marine 14/12/1917 37 Born Islay
John Gilchrist Bowmore Bowmore A&SH 09/04/1917 Son of T. Gilchrist, 17 Shore St, Bowmore
O. Gilchrist Port Ellen Merchant Service
Donald Gillies Port Wemyss
Neil Graham Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH (or CWGC has Gordon Highlanders) 12/08/1918 32 Son of Alexander & Catherine Graham; husband of Christina Graham, Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen
John Grant Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 06/08/1916 27 Husband of Margaret MacCuig Grant, South Side, Port Ellen, son of Margaret MacLachlan Grant, Gartachossan Cottage, Bridgend
John Grant Bowmore Gartachossan A&SH
Donald Gray Bowmore Knockanbiorch Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 12/10/1917 25 Son of Duncan & Rose Ann Gray, Gartachossan, Bridgend
James Gray Bowmore Gartmain (war memorial)/Knockanbiorch (CWGC) Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 03/02/1917 19 Youngest son of Duncan & Rose Ann Gray of Knock-an-bearach, Bridgend. One of six brothers who servied, two of whom fell
Neil Hamilton Bowmore Bowmore Royal Field Artillery
Douglas Harvey Bruichladdich Bruichladdich
A. Heads Port Ellen A&SH
John Holmes Port Wemyss Portnahaven Royal Naval Reserve 10/09/1918 18 Son of Catherine MacAulay McArthur (formerly Homes) of 16 Shore St, Portnahaven and the late John Holmes
John Hunter Port Ellen A&SH 23/08/1918 31 Son of Robert & Mary Campbell Hunter, Islay
J. Hutchinson Port Ellen Highland Light Infantry
Angus Johnston Port Ellen Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve 25/04/1918 31 Son of Donald & Mary Johnston, South Side, Port Ellen
Dugald Johnston Bowmore Bowmore A&SH
Duncan Johnston Port Ellen Port Ellen Cameron Highlanders 18/02/1915 25 Son of Donald & Mary Ramsay Johnston, South Side, Port Ellen
Duncan McKay Johnston Royal Scots Fusiliers 21/08/1918 31 Son of late Duncan Johnston & Margaret McAllister Johnston, 29 Baird Street, Govan. Born Bowmore
R. Johnston Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders 10/01/1915 33 Husband of Martha F. Johnston, 83 Taylor St, Glasgow. Born in Islay
Alexander Justice Bruichladdich Bruichladdich
N. Kennedy Keills Machine Gun Corps 07/03/1019 23 Son of Malcolm & Catherine Kennedy, Keills, Port Askaig
N. Kennedy Port Ellen A&SH
Donald Lamont Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Royal Naval Reserve 18/02/1917 18 Son of Anne Lamont, Port Charlotte
N. Leitch Port Ellen Duich Lotts Highland Light Infantry 20/05/1916 Nephew of  Mrs A. McGibbon, Diuch Lotts, Port Ellen
Francis Livingston Royal Naval Reserve 01/06/1916 23 Son of Jessie Reid Livingston, of 81, Prince Edward St., Crosshill, Glasgow, and the late James Livingston. Born at Bowmore
Donald Logan Bowmore Bowmore Seaforth Highlanders 28/07/1918 32 Son of Duncan and Ann Logan of, Bowmore, Islay; husband of Ann McDuffie Logan, of Bowmore, Isla
H. MacAllister Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
Hector MacAllister Port Wemyss
Donald MacArthur Port Ellen Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve 28/12/1917 26 Son of Peter and Ann Sinclair McArthur, of Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Islay
Duncan MacArthur Port Ellen Port Ellen Highland Light Infantry 01/07/1916 36 Son of Annie McArthur, of 75, Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, and the late Peter McArthur
G. MacArthur Cameron Highlanders 25/11/1914 24 Son of Gilbert McArthur; husband of Maggie McNair McArthur, of 51, Castle St., Strathaven, Lanarkshire. Born at Bowmore
H. MacArthur Port Ellen A&SH
John MacArthur Bowmore Bowmore Scottish Rifles
Neil MacArthur Port Wemyss
Peter MacArthur Port Wemyss
R. MacArthur Port Ellen King's Own Scottish Borderers 
J. MacCallum Port Ellen A&SH
A. MacCalman Port Ellen Royal Garrison Artillery
N MacDonald Port Ellen Highland Light Infantry
A. MacDougall Port Ellen Royal Field Artillery
Alexander MacDougall Caolila Cameron Highlanders 28/09/1915 23 Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Macdougall, of Colila, Islay, Argyll.
D. MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 09/04/1917 Son of D. McDougall, of 89, Lagaverton Rd., Port Ellen, 
D. MacDougall Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders
Donald MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen Seaforth Highlanders 16/06/1918 19 Son of Donald and Margaret MacDougall, of Distillery Cottages, Port Ellen,
Duncan MacDougall Bowmore Bowmore. Scottish Rifles
Hugh MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders 16/05/1917 35 Son of Duncan and Ann McDougall, of Port Ellen
John MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 12/04/1917 28 Son of Allan and Mary MacDougall, of 13, Charlotte St., Port Ellen, Islay.
John MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 22/10/1917 27 Son of Dugald McDougall, of 12, Charlotte St., Port Elle
Malcom MacDougall Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 28/03/1918 19 Son of Dugald and Flora McDougall, of 5, Gloucester St., Tradeston, Glasgow. Native of Port Ellen
Charles MacEachern Port Ellen Lagavulin A&SH 17/04/1918 21 Son of Colin and Margaret McEachern, of Lagavulin
A. MacFarlane Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
D. MacFarlane Port Ellen Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve 20/01/1919 26 on of Donald and Catherine MacFarlane, of 72, Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen
J. MacGibbon Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
John MacGibbon Port Ellen Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve 24/07/1917 41 Son of Mr. and Mrs. MacGibbon. Born at Port Ellen,
Gilbert MacIndeor Bowmore Lyrabus Machine Gun Corps 20/07/1917 20 Son of Gilbert and Jane McIndeor, of Blackrock, Bridgend, Islay.
J. MacIntyre Port Ellen A&SH
J. MacIntyre Port Ellen Royal Field Artillery
Donald MacKay Port Ellen Port Ellen Machine Gun Corps 17/07/1917 25 Son of Malcolm and Janet McKay, of 106, Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen
John MacKay Bowmore Bowmore A&SH
Walter MacKay Bowmore Bowmore A&SH 12/04/1918 27 Son of Neil and Jessie Mackay, of The Seaview Hotel, Bowmore, Islay
Alexr MacKellar Port Wemyss
D. MacKerrell Port Ellen A&SH
Angus MacKinnon Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 14/10/1916 21 Son of the Rev. James Mackinnon, M.A. and Margaret Mackinnon, of the Manse of Kildalton, Port Ellen
John MacKinnon Gruinart Highland Light Infantry 22/03/1918 28 Son of Neil and Mary MacKinnon, of Bunanuilt, Gruinart, Bridgend
A. MacLachlan Port Ellen A&SH
Duncan MacLean Port Wemyss
Neil MacLean Port Wemyss Portnahaven Mercantile Marine 06/09/1917 39 Son of the late John and Barbara McLean; husband of Annie McLean (nee Bell), of 15, King St., South Side, Portnahaven, Islay, Argyllshire. Born at Portnahaven.
J. MacLellan Port Ellen A&SH
A. MacMillan Port Ellen Merchant Service
D. MacMillan Port Ellen Canadian Infantry
D. MacMillan Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
J. MacMillan Port Ellen Royal Engineers
J. MacNab Port Ellen Port Ellen A&SH 12/05/1919 48 Son of Alice McNab, of Islay Hotel, Port Ellen, Islay, and the late John McNab
John MacNiven Port Wemyss Port Wemyss Royal Naval Reserve 05/11/1916 23 Son of Catherine Robertson Macniven, of Portwemyss, Islay, Argyllshire, and the late Archie Macniven
N. MacPhail Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders 30/12/1919 30 Son of Malcolm and Ann McPhail, of Isla
R. MacPhail Port Ellen A&SH
James MacRae Bruichladdich Gordon Highlanders 15/11/1916 34 Son of Duncan Macrae, of Rockside School, Bruichladdich, Bridgend, Isle of Islay.
D. MacTaggart Port Ellen A&SH
H. MacTaggart Port Ellen Gordon Highlanders
John MacTaggart Port Wemyss
Murdoch Archibald MacTaggart Bowmore Bowmore A&SH 16/05/1917 22 Son of Col. M. Mactaggart, of Bowmore, Islay, Argyllshire, and the late Flora MacGilchrist Mactaggart.
Gilbert McArthur Bruichladdich Fornaseig
John McArthur Bruichladdich Fornaseig
N. McArthur Port Charlotte A&SH 27/07/1916 21 Son of John and Annie McArthur, of Octofad, Port Charlotte
Alexander McCalman Bruichladdich Gruineart
C. McCalman Port Ellen Cameron Highlanders
Gilbert McCalman Bruichladdich Gruineart
Gilbert McCormick Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
Ronald McCormick Bruichladdich Conisby Royal Field Artillery 23/11/1917 24 Son of Mrs. J. McCormick, of Coinsby
D McDougall Bowmore Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 09/05/1918 25 Son of John McDougall, of Flora St., Bowmore
Hugh McDougall Keills Royal Naval Reserve 19/02/1917 45 Son of Hugh and Euphemia McDougall, of Heather House, Portaskaig, Islay; husband of Isabella McDougall, of Keills, Portaskaig, Islay.
John McDougall Bowmore A&SH 21/07/1916 25 Son of E. McDougall, of Shore St., Bowmore, Islay, and the late Hugh McDougal
Archibald McFadyen Bruichladdich Gruineart
Donald McFadyen Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
James McFadyen Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
John McGibbon Kildalton Royal Naval Reserve 31/01/1916 16
Martin McGilvray Port Ellen Bowmore Royal Engineers  10/11/1917 32 Son of Mary Sinclair MacGilvray, and the late Charles MacGilvray; husband of Minnie MacGilvray, of Giddana, Bowmore, Islay. In the Colonial Service, Nigeria.
Peter McIndeor Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) 19/07/1918 24 Son of John and Ann McIndeor, of Port Charlotte,
A. McInnes Port Ellen Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve 13/05/1916 32 Son of Alexander and Mary Bell McInnes, of Kildalton, Port Ellen; husband of Mary McInnes, of 1, Lagavulin Rd., Port Ellen
Alexander McIntyre Bruichladdich Tayvullin
Colin McIntyre Mulrush (Mulreesh) A&SH 26/08/1917 30 Son of Mary Kennedy, of Mulrush, Ballygrant,
M. McIntyre Port Ellen Cameron Highlanders
Charles McKay Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
Donald McKeachan A&SH 01/09/1916 21 Son of Jane Campbell McKeachan, of Ballygrant, Portaskaig, Isle of Islay, and the late John McKeachan
A McKenchine Bridgend Machine Gun Corps 19/10/1918 29 Native of Bridgend. Son of Angus McKechnie; husband of Annie Ferguson McKechnie, of Red Houses, Bridgend,
J. McKerrell Port Ellen Australian Imperial Forces
John McKinnon Bowmore Bunanuilt Highland Light Infantry
Archie McLean Bruichladdich Bruichladdich
J McLean Keills A&SH 21/04/1918 38 Son of John and Christina McLean, of Keills, Port Askaig
Malcolm McLean Bruichladdich Carnduncan
Alasdair McLellan Bruichladdich Bruichladdich
Angus McLellan Bowmore Blue House A&SH
Archibald McLellan Port Ellen Cragabus Seaforth Highlanders 22/09/1917 37 Son of Robert and Ann McLellan, of Upper Cragabus, Port Ellen
John McLellan Bruichladdich Foreland Royal Scots Fusiliers 12/04/1918 26 Son of Peter and Margaret McLellan, of Woodside, Foreland, Bruichladdich, Islay
John McLellan Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
R. McLellan Port Ellen A&SH 15/07/1918 20 Son of John and Isabella McLellan, of 14, Clark St., Moorpark, Renfrew. Native of Port Ellen, Islay, Argyllshire.
R. McLugash Tighvullin A&SH 27/03/1917 22 Son of Neil McLugash and Mary Campbell (his wife) of Tighvullin, Kilchoman, Islay
Alexander McMillan Bruichladdich Port Charlotte King's Own Scottish Borderers  25/01/1917 27 Son of Alexander and Annie McMillan, of Distillery House, Port Charlotte
Alexander McMillan Mercantile Marine 24/02/1918 34 Son of Annie McMillan (nee Weir), of 9, Clyde St., Anderston, Glasgow, and the late Donald McMillan. Born at Islay
D McMillan A&SH 26/07/1916 20 Son of Alexander and Annie Muir McMillan, of Distillery House, Port Charlotte, Islay, Argyllshire. Native of Campbeltown
Duncan McMillan Port Ellen Port Ellen Machine Gun Corps 30/10/1916 20 Son of Neil McMillan, of Frederick Crescent. Port Ellen, Islay.
Duncan McMillan Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
James McMillan Royal Engineers 19/03/1918 32 Son of James and Catherine McMillan, of Kildalton, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay; husband of Jane McIntyre McMillan, of 19, Hope St., Glasgow
John McMillan Bruichladdich Octamore
William McMillan Bowmore Bowmore A&SH 12/06/1916 23 Son of John and Betsy McGillvary McMillan, of Flora St., Bowmore
P. McNeill Port Ellen Duich Lotts Royal Engineers 27/06/1916 32 Son of Hector and Marion McNeill, of Duich Lotts, Port Ellen, Islay
Arch. McNiven Bowmore Knockanbiorch A&SH
Peter McNiven Bruichladdich Conisby Highland Light Infantry 12/07/1915 25 Son of James and Christina McNiven, of Conisby, Bruichladdich
Alex. McPhail Bowmore Gartnatra Australian Army
John McPhail Bruichladdich Port Charlotte King's Own Scottish Borderers  26/04/1917 33 Son of Duncan and Janet Watt McPhail, of Port Charlotte,
Robert McPhail Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
Alexander McPhee Bruichladdich Kilchoman A&SH 31/03/1916 22 Third son of Duncan and Margaret McPhee, of Kilchoman
John McPhee Freeport Royal Naval Reserve 24/03/1916 28 Son of Alexander and Mary McPhee, of Freeport, Port Askaig,
Angus McTaggart Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
D. McTaggart A&SH 19/06/1918 36 Son of Donald McTaggart, of Islay
Malcolm McTaggart Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
James McVorran Bowmore Bowmore A&SH 22/08/1918 22 Son of Mrs. Christina McVorran, of Flora St., Bowmore
John Morrison Port Ellen Lotts Seaforth Highlanders 16/10/1916 24 Son of Mary and the late John Morrison, of Lotts, Kildalton
Peter Morrison Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
R. Paul Port Ellen Royal Naval Reserve
D. Quintin Port Ellen A&SH
G. Quintin Port Ellen A&SH
Alex. Shaw Bowmore Islay House Square Royal Scots Fusiliers
Angus Shaw Bridgend Scottish Horse 17/12/1915 36 Son of Mrs. Ann Morrison, of Dock House, Bridgend
Angus Shaw Bowmore Carnain A&SH
D. Shaw Keills Seaforth Highlanders 31/07/1917 30 Son of Malcolm and Flora Shaw, of Keills, Isle of Islay
Neil Shaw Bowmore Monachorra Highland Light Infantry
Donald Sinclair Port Ellen Port Ellen Highland Light Infantry 29/11/1917 20 Son of Neil and Margaret Sinclair, of 107, Frederick Crescent, Port Ellen, 
A. Smith Port Ellen A&SH 19/03/1916 34 Son of John and Annie Smith, of Kildalton
A. Torrie Port Ellen A&SH
John Turner Bruichladdich Port Charlotte A&SH 30/12/1917 23 Son of Alexander and Mrs. Annie Turner, of Port Charlotte, Islay; husband of Annie Turner, of Port Charlotte.
Richard Percy Waller Royal Air Force 22/05/1918 20 Son of Alfred Percy and Emily Elizabeth Waller, of Croft House, Blairlogie, Stirling. Born at Islay
Alexander Watt Bruichladdich Port Charlotte
George Weir Bowmore Bowmore A&SH
J. White Port Ellen Machrie A&SH 25/03/1919 Son of Mrs. Isabella A. White. Machrie
Dugald Whyte Port Ellen Kilnaughton A&SH 16/12/1915 21 Son of Donald and Betsy Whyte, of Kilnayhton, Port Ellen, Islay. His brother Walter Whyte also fell.
Walter Whyte Port Ellen Kilnaughton A&SH 18/08/1916 20 Son of Donald and Betsy Whyte, of Kilnaughton, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, brother of Walter (above)


  1. What a great source of information! Thanks for sharing.
    My great uncle, Archibald Currie, was born in Lotts, Port Ellen on 1877 May 24 and died during WWI on 1917 December 24. He is buried in St Sever Cemetery, Rouen, France. He married Mary McKinnon on 1902 Jun 04 in Glasgow. After the war Mary emmigrated to Creelman, Saskatchewan, Canada where she raised their three sons as a single mother. I suspect Archibald is the person you have listed as A. Currie, but of course do not have direct proof of that.

    1. Alex McPhail ( Australian Army) was KIA at Gallipoli, Turkey on 25 April ,1915, 11Btn , 3rd Brigade 1st AIF ( to be known as ANZAC)

  2. Thank you so much for this record. I was able to find out the date that my Great Grandmother's favourite brother died in the war. It turns out that it was only 5 days before my Grandmother was born.


  3. (comment received via email)

    Neil I think I can help you with the question of whether there were two men from Islay named D Bell serving in the Canadian Highlanders in the First World War : there weren’t: the Service Files of those serving in the CEF are slowly being uploaded and they have reached the surnames beginning with L so Bell ‘s are on line already. Duncan Bell was born in Port Ellen but his father Edward Bell lived in Bowmore. Duncan was living with his brother also called Edward in Kindersley on the farm, near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan when he enlisted in the 96th Canadian Highlanders which was one of the nearly 200 Canadian Battalions that were used as reinforcements and never saw the front lines as complete units. He was transferred to the 21st Battalion Princess of Wales Own from Eastern Ontario (Kingston) and died of wounds on 19 August 1917 while in that unit which had just started the Battle of Arras which was the preliminary step to the breaking of the Hindenburg line. He is buried in the Bruay Communal Cemetery extension near Arras. The files indicate that the Memorial Cross issued to mothers and wives of dead soldiers was not awarded and this indicates that his mother was dead. ( the Memorial Cross was not awarded to fathers). His soldiers’ Will leaves his real property to his brother also named Edward and his personnel effects to his father in Bowmore ‘Iv’e checked the online Canada Census 1911 and there is no Duncan Bell so I assume he arrived just before 1914.

    My paternal great grandfather Was born in 1841 Claddich Portnahaven in 1841 and my mother at Glasgow that’s how I got my Scottish names. I am a student of the Canadian role in the First world War so if you have any questions I can probably be of some help.

    Gordon Neil Mackinnon